Georgia Southern University first introduced Elizabeth to the field of graphic design, and it was there she realized she's always had a love for branding. What she didn't yet realize was how much she'd love making a career out of helping legit businesses and organizations look legit. After college, Elizabeth headed to the Creative Coast of Savannah, Georgia and her love for the business grew. She started as an intern doing everything behind the scenes, then grew into a Project Manager and eventually Director of Operations for top agencies and startups in the area. Clients included Georgia Historical Society, famous house museums, banks, law firms and real estate companies along with startups.

ES&Co. was founded in 2014 after Elizabeth and her family returned home to Macon, Georgia. She now spends her days helping business owners turn ideas into reality. Want to brainstorm a name change or what signage and domain name is best? Elizabeth is here for it.

When she's not designing or talking with clients Elizabeth is enjoying her three children: Robert (6), Marilyn (4), and Buck (2). She and her husband Bobby own Bike Tech, Macon's bicycle shop. And she is a co-founder of The Web, a work club and co-working space located in downtown Macon.

So who is the "&Co."?

The "&Co." is a large group of talented folks who help make it all happen. Graphic designers, web developers, photographers and family members who push projects through from beginning to end.

Interested in working with us? Give Elizabeth a shout: elizabeth@elizabethschorr.com

This is why we do it: