Logo Design | Before and After | White & Lavender

Logo Design | Before and After | White & Lavender

White & Lavender is one of the oldest family-run businesses in Macon, Georgia. They’ve been helping out Macon & Middle Georgia residents with pest control solutions since 1955! Though they’re a multi-decade company, they’re known for keeping up with the latest innovations in the pest control industry. For example, they only use the latest family and environmentally friendly products on their customer’s homes and businesses.

But while they’ve focused their efforts so much on keeping up with the latest technology changes in their industry, they felt their company branding didn’t reflect that commitment to advancement and innovation.

This happens regularly, especially when you’ve been in business as long as White & Lavender. You’ll inevitably go through cycles of change and growth. The logos and branding they had previously were right at one time, but design trends have changed over the years. They understood that the time had come to update their look so that their customers know at first look that they’re a company moving forward and not stuck in the past.

So they reached out to us

We took some time to talk with them about who they are as a company and why they were thinking it might be time for a change. Though we love designing things for our customers, we always want to make sure that it’s the right time for a change. Once we knew we were on the same page, we spent some time doing research into their industry.

We did a thorough study of home cleaning and housekeeping product design trends to analyze styles, colors, fonts, and more. Once we’d gathered all our research together, we went over what we found with the client to get their feedback on what styles and trends they did and didn’t like. With their feedback in hand, we began working on the new logo. We used all our research, technical skills, and feedback from the client to arrive at our final design.

For the new logo, we kept their company colors while updating the fonts and graphics to something more modern. We also developed a few looks for the different uses the logo will get.

This is something people can sometimes overlook. Yes, you want brand consistency across different platforms, but you shouldn’t always use the same graphics everywhere. Sometimes you need something a bit different on a business card than a website, for example. So, we developed a unified set that has appropriate logos for different uses. That way their customers would still be able to recognize the brand, no matter which logo they run across.

In the end, we’re super happy with what we came up with for White & Lavender. We took the time to really get to know what they needed and the results can be seen in their new logos.

Are you in need of a brand refresh?

Logos and company branding are personal to every business. Knowing when to stick with what you have and when to update can be tricky. But we’re here to help.

If you feel your company is in need of a refresh, please contact us today. We’re glad to talk with you and help you learn about your different options.

Whether you’ve been in business as long as White & Lavender or are just starting out, we can help you get legit.

We asked White & Lavender to share with us some behind the scenes from the project:

ES&CO: Why was it important for you to update your brand?

White and Lavender Pest Control has been in business since 1955. We are so very thankful for the support of our past and present customers and the opportunity to serve in the middle Georgia community. Having been in business for 65+ years, we want to continue growing and keeping up with the times. We felt it was time for a logo that would unite our legacy and our future.

ES&CO.: How will you implement your new logo and brand into the work that you do?

We are moving to a new location on Forysth Rd. in Macon. We are excited to see our new logo on our new sign! As we add trucks to our fleet, we will have the logo put on them too. We are also updating our mailings and documents to reflect our new look.

What was it like working with Elizabeth Schorr & Co.?

Working with Elizabeth Schorr & Co. was a great experience. They listened closely to our abstract thoughts and ideas from the start! The process they use to really pinpoint what you are wanting (especially when you are not exactly sure yourself!Blush) is brilliant! Elizabeth Schorr & Co. truly captured our vision and united our past with our future!